Our vegetarian dishes also make ideal side dishes.
* may contain bones or shell
** does contains nuts
No chillies Mild
Mild to Medium chilli
Medium to Spicy chilli chilli
Spicy chilli chilli chilli



Non-vegetarian kebab platter for two chillichilli (excludes offers) £11.95
Chargrilled selection of kebabs including salmon tikka, chicken tikkas and seekh kebabs – served with fresh mint & coriander sauce

Tandoori Prawn**** chilli (excludes offers) £7.95
Saffron flavoured prawns marinated and grilled in charcoal tandoori oven

Tandoori Salmon Kuta Masala * chilli (excludes offers) £7.95
Marinated Scottish Salmon with crushed spices, grilled in charcoal tandoori

Amritsari Fried Fish* chillichilli £6.25
Garlic and ajwain laced cod fillets deep-fried in gram flour batter

Mussels Hara Pyaz chilli £7.95
Pan stir-fried mussels with spring onions

Lamb Chop Adraki*** chillichilli £7.95
Lamb chops with ginger flavoured marinade grilled in charcoal tandoori oven

Gilafi Seekh Kebab chillichilli £6.95
Skewered lamb minces rolled with chopped onions, fresh coriander & bell peppers, & grilled in charcoal tandoori oven

Andhra Fried Chicken*** chillichillichilli £6.25
Chicken nibblets marinated with ginger, garlic, yoghurt and spices, & crisp fried. A dish from the Indian state of Andhra

Lal Murgh Tikka chillichilli £6.25
Tender chicken marinated in Degi chillies, yoghurt, & tandoori spices, & grilled in charcoal tandoori oven

Murgh Malai Kebab** £6.25
Chicken Tikka marinated with cream, cheese, royal cumin and cardamom, delicately grilled on charcoal, served with mint Dip


Vegetarian Kebab Platter for Two** chillichilli (excludes offers) £10.95
Char grilled selection of vegetarian kebabs including paneer tikka, stuffed potatoes, broccoli & stuffed bell peppers

Dhungar Paneer Tikka chillichilli £6.95
Chargrilled Indian cottage cheese marinated in tandoori spices with onions, tomatoes and bell peppers

Dilli Aloo Ki Tikki chillichilli £6.25
A street food popular in Delhi, shallow-fried mashed potato patties, stuffed with spiced green peas, served with yoghurt, tamarind & mint dips

Samosa Ragda Chaat chillichilli £6.25
Famous street food of Mumbai, samosas (Potatoes pasties) mixed with white chickpeas, and garnished with yoghurt, mint & tamarind sauce

Dilli Samosa chilli £5.50
A deep fried Indian pasty popular in Old Delhi, stuffed with spiced potatoes, and peas tempered with green chilli & cumin seed

Tandoori Broccoli chilli £5.50
Marinated broccoli florets, cooked in a clay oven.

Khumb Pudina Tikka chilli £5.50
Mushrooms stuffed with potatoes and mint, & grilled in tandoori oven

Onion Bhaji £4.95
World famous snack of crisp onions deep-fried in a coating of gram flour batter

Batata Sev Puri chilli £4.95
A street snack from Mumbai, crispy short crust flat pastry with potatoes & raw mango gram flour vermicelli (nylonsev), topped with yoghurt, spicy and sweet dips

Papadam (in a basket) £2.95
Served with Mango chutney, Mint and Mixed pickle