Our vegetarian dishes also make ideal side dishes.
* may contain bones or shell
** does contains nuts
No chillies Mild
Mild to Medium chilli
Medium to Spicy chilli chilli
Spicy chilli chilli chilli

Rice, Breads & Sides


Jeera Pulav £3.25
Cumin flavoured basmati rice

Basmati Rice £2.95
Aromatic steamed rice.

Mushroom Rice £3.95
Basmati rice cooked with mushroom

Naan breads are leavened bread traditionally baked in the tandoori oven

Plain Naan £2.25

Butter Naan £2.95
Naan bread with butter

Garlic Naan £2.95
Naan bread with fine chopped garlic

Cheesy Garlic Naan £3.50
Naan bread with cottage cheese and garlic

Peshwari Naan** £3.50
Naan bread stuffed with almonds and nuts
Paratha is all time favourite Indian crispy flat bread made out of whole-wheat flour either plain or mint flavoured

Plain Parathas £2.50

Pudhina Paratha £2.50
Mint Flavoured Paratha

Tandoori Roti £1.75
Roti is the traditional Indian bread normally eaten with curries made out of whole-wheat flour

Kulcha is traditional Punjabi stuffed bread with your choice of filling.

Onion Kulcha £3.50
Kulcha stuffed with onions

Aloo Kulcha £3.50
Kulcha stuffed with potatoes

Paneer Kulcha £3.50
Kulcha stuffed with cottage chees

Keema Kulcha £3.50
Kulcha stuffed with minced lamb


Indian Green Salad £2.95
Traditional Indian Salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions, carrots, lemon & green chillies

Cucumber Raita £1.95
A very refreshing cumin flavoured yoghurt

Kachumber Salad £1.95
An onion-tomato-cucumber salad tossed with Indian spices & herbs

Onion Salad £1.50
Slices of Red Onion with lemon & green chillies

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